Making a game with animation frames in Excel

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Why might you make a game Excel? For learning and for fun. So let's get to it.

The Beginnings of a Game.

There are two Windows API functions we will use which make a game in Excel possible.

#If VBA7 Then
    '64 bit declares here
    Private Declare PtrSafe Function GetAsyncKeyState Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal nVirtKey As Long) As Integer
    Private Declare PtrSafe Function timeGetTime Lib "winmm.dll" () As Long
    '32 bit declares here
    Private Declare Function GetAsyncKeyState Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal nVirtKey As Long) As Integer
    Private Declare Function timeGetTime Lib "winmm.dll" () As Long
#End If

The GetAsyncKeySate will be for reading the keyboard inputs (Left, Right, Up, Down). timeGetTime will be used for the game counter to iterate frames. That's all you really need. Everything else can be down in VBA pure. Next we come to the game loop. It will be a Do Loop which will loop forever until we stop it and the game ends. Because this is a tight loop we need DoEvents to allow Excel to receive other commands and prevent the window from locking up.


    'Game code goes here.


Now we need a way to control and time updating the game state. timeGetTime is the answer. It returns the current time in milliseconds since boot time. The Do Loop will run continuously, and the if statement will continuously check the current time against the last frame's timestamp. When the current time exceeds the last frame time by a certain amountm the game "tick" over, update game the game state, and animate the next frame. I chose 50 milliseconds arbitrarily. Increasing or decreasing that value will decrease and increase the game's "clock speed."

'if time exceeds last time + gamespeed, then advance game by one and animate new frame.
If timeGetTime - lastFrameTime > 50 Then        
    'Game code goes here
End if

Now the game code itself. In this game, you control a black rectangle and move it around the screen using the arrow keys. Nice, right? Less of a game than Pong.

The game logic is very simple.

1) check if an arrow key is pressed.
2) if so, move a colored cell in that direction
3) repeat

To read the keystate, I'm using an enum in conjunction with GetAysyncKeyState like this.

Private Enum Direction
    None = 0
    Up = 1
End Enum

Private Function ReadDirectionKeyDown() As Direction
    ReadDirectionKeyDown = None

    If (GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyUp) And KEY_DOWN) = KEY_DOWN Then
        ReadDirectionKeyDown = Up
    ElseIf (GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyDown) And KEY_DOWN) = KEY_DOWN Then
        ReadDirectionKeyDown = Down
    ElseIf (GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyRight) And KEY_DOWN) = KEY_DOWN Then
        ReadDirectionKeyDown = Right
    ElseIf (GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyLeft) And KEY_DOWN) = KEY_DOWN Then
        ReadDirectionKeyDown = Left
    End If

End Function

Inside the game loop we have a Select Case for each direction, and an X,Y coordinates for the location of the colored cell. Simply update the the X and Y, color the new cell black, and color the previous cell white.

Dim D As Direction
D = ReadDirectionKeyDown
Select Case D
	Case Up
		Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142
		y = y - 1
		Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
	Case Down
		Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142
		y = y + 1
		Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
	Case Left
		Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142
		x = x - 1
		Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
	Case Right
		Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142
		x = x + 1
		Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
End Select

The End. You have a "game." Ok, not a full game, but you have a controllable character in a space. Here's the entire module.

Option Explicit
#If VBA7 Then
    '64 bit declares here
    Private Declare PtrSafe Function GetAsyncKeyState Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal nVirtKey As Long) As Integer
    Private Declare PtrSafe Function timeGetTime Lib "winmm.dll" () As Long
    '32 bit declares here
    Private Declare Function GetAsyncKeyState Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal nVirtKey As Long) As Integer
    Private Declare Function timeGetTime Lib "winmm.dll" () As Long
#End If

Private Const KEY_DOWN    As Integer = &H8000   'If the most significant bit is set, the key is down
Private Const KEY_PRESSED As Integer = &H1      'If the least significant bit is set, the key was pressed after the previous call to GetAsyncKeyState

Private Enum Direction
    None = 0
    Up = 1
End Enum

Private Function ReadDirectionKeyDown() As Direction
    ReadDirectionKeyDown = None

    If (GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyUp) And KEY_DOWN) = KEY_DOWN Then
        ReadDirectionKeyDown = Up
    ElseIf (GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyDown) And KEY_DOWN) = KEY_DOWN Then
        ReadDirectionKeyDown = Down
    ElseIf (GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyRight) And KEY_DOWN) = KEY_DOWN Then
        ReadDirectionKeyDown = Right
    ElseIf (GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyLeft) And KEY_DOWN) = KEY_DOWN Then
        ReadDirectionKeyDown = Left
    End If

End Function

Sub Game()

    Dim x As Long
    Dim y As Long
    x = 3
    y = 8
    Dim lastFrameTime As Long
    lastFrameTime = timeGetTime     'start the tick counter
    Dim D As Direction
        'if time exceeds last time + gamespeed, then advance game by one and animate new frame.
        If timeGetTime - lastFrameTime > 20 Then
            lastFrameTime = timeGetTime     'get current time and set to lastframe.
            'All game code goes here.
            D = ReadDirectionKeyDown
            Select Case D
                Case Up
                    Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142
                    y = y - 1
                    Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
                Case Down
                    Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142
                    y = y + 1
                    Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
                Case Left
                    Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142
                    x = x - 1
                    Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
                Case Right
                    Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = -4142
                    x = x + 1
                    Cells(y, x).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
            End Select
        End If
End Sub



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<a href=; аттестация выделенного помещения по защите информации</a>
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3. Лицензионные требованияРазрешение от ФСБ нуждаться предприятиям, которые имеют действие, операции разве процедуры, напрямую связанными со сведениями, содержащими государственную тайну.Разведывательная, контрразведывательная и оперативно-розыскная деятельность.

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There is, nonetheless, a small however rising line of literature revealing that after genetic influences are managed, dad and mom have little impact on their kidsпїЅs character development and on their youngstersпїЅs behavioral patterns (Cohen, 1999; Harris, 1995, 1998; Pinker, 2002; Rowe, 1994; Wright and Beaver, 2005). Chareruptions current as spherical or oval, sharply demarcated, red to acterization of cutaneous lesions is essential in regard to livid, barely elevated plaques, ranging from a number of millimedetermining the trigger, further diagnostic exams, and manageters to a number of centimeters in diameter. Specialists in aviation drugs will be of greatest worth when there are numerous survivors but pathological assistance will be required every time there are fatalities 5 medications for hypertension <a href=>purcha… cheapest albenza</a>. In general, the ultrasound or echoendoscopic look is not going to permit differentiation of a pancreatic carcinoma from an endocrine tumor. Pyruvate Carboxylase The enzyme converts pyruvate to oxaloacetate, is allosterically activated by acetyl coenzyme A. Public awareness of the avenues by way of which the hepatitis C virus is contracted is important in decreasing transmission of the illness blood sugar vs blood pressure <a href=… cheap actoplus met on-line</a>. Infectious agentпїЅHerpes simplex virus within the virus family Herpesviridae, subfamily Alphaherpesvirinae. Despite the fact that the mechanism of motion Alzheimer’s disease of this stimulant continues to be unclear, it increases glutamate extracellular A. The pointers for interpretation of screening tests for blood glucose are shown within the table under allergy forecast in houston <a href=… alavert line</a>.

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It could also be helpful to measure anti-Tg antibodies In the few sufferers with a serum Tg that is still elevated shortly after thyroidectomy and previous to ablation because over time, particularly for these with a rising Tg, remnant ab131 excessive ranges may herald the likelihood of recurrence in patients lation or adjuvant remedy with I could also be thought of with a without Hashimoto thyroiditis (801). Cumulative spontaneous reside delivery price by prognosis group amongst associate of reproductive age using particular contraceptive strategies, by region, 726 subfertile couples in an affiuent Western society (modified after Snick 1993 (106) (Figures are rounded) et al. Problems such as poor limit setting, a delayed sleep part, or to be roughly 15% to 20% prostate 5lx amazon <a href=>purchase confido 60caps without a prescription</a>. Nausea and vomiting Women who've had main herpes infection late in within the frst trimester affect the majority of pregnant girls pregnancy are at high danger for shedding virus at delivery. Additionally, the carcinoma tends bArAsh, mAhon 3 Because the histology of Merkel cell free survival. Increased susceptibility to infections might end result from impaired neutrophil perform and neutropenia treatment rheumatoid arthritis <a href=>dis… copegus 200mg with visa</a>. Others are indistinguishable from epi- dermal inclusion cysts of the pores and skin and are generally known as implantation epidermoid cysts. A psycho-behavioural intervention program (blood glucose awareMedtronic; private charges from Novo Nordisk, Takeda, Abbott, ness training) <Grade>C, Level 3 (forty)] f. Part B, пїЅBackground Information and Review of Available Evidence,пїЅ and Part C, пїЅFuture Research Needs,пїЅ are not included within the American Journal of Psychiatry supplement but are provided with Part A within the complete guideline, which is out there in print format from American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc diabetes type 1 foods to eat <a href=>ord… cozaar uk</a>.

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However, inside the previous few years, observational studies have demonstrated that non-immunological elements, similar to proteinuria and better blood stress, seem like danger elements in illnesses of trans- planted as well as native kidneys. Developmental milestones had been retarded; she will be able to sit at 7 months, walk at 18 months, and converse at 27 months. In the case of cystic fibrosis, and consequently, The frequency of heterozygotes that carry the allele for cystic fibrosis is calculated as This calculation implies that for cystic fibrosis, although only 1 individual in 1700 is affected with the illness (homozygous), about 1 person in 21 is a service (heterozygous) medications like zovirax and valtrex <a href=>… atrovent with a visa</a>.
Treatment consists of permethrin cream, crotamiton lotion/cream, lindane lotion or oral ivermectin. This syndrome is related to speedy clinical deterioration and is sort of at all times deadly with out liver transplantation. Additionally, Brickell shall promptly notify Kaken in writing in the occasion <>**] and, if Brickell fails <>**], and, in such case, with out limiting any legal, equitable or different treatments that Kaken could have underneath relevant Law or this Agreement, Kaken shall have the proper to <>**] blood pressure medication hair growth <a href=>order avalide with a visa</a>. Effect of high flow oxygen on mortality in continual obstructive pulmonary illness patients in prehospital setting: randomised managed trial. Especially in endometriosis As endometriosis patients are usually younger and in any other case patients, this could be a challenge, as endometriosis just isn't a healthy subjects, generally, there isn't any want for particular life-threatening illness. The bars launched into the soil at excessive speeds over 200 miles per hour at pressures approaching 2500 psi reduce cholesterol food chart <a href=>buy on line atorvastatin</a>. The poverty rates are larger for kids than adults and Cambodia Indonesia Philippines Vietnam (2000) (2002–2003) (2003) (2002) are highest for infants and toddlers. A randomized managed trial of risperidone, lithium, or divalproex sodium for preliminary therapy of bipolar I dysfunction, manic or blended phase, in children and adolescents. The common explanation for that is that there is extra surface space for adhesion on the roughened floor cholesterol to hdl ratio <a href=>purchase on line atorlip-5</a>. For some this social identity was affected by modifications caused through their cancer experience пїЅ for instance residual physical impairments or ongoing health issues. This sexual problem is extra common in females (especially publish-menopausal females) and is rare in younger men. It relies on as much as 20 physiological variables together with some extra data erectile dysfunction cpt code <a href=>p… aurogra with a mastercard</a>.
Itching, increasing permeability of tissues in ciliary muscle lid dermatitis, follicular conjunctivitis, mydriasis, or by an action on episcleral vessels. Patients mayremain asymptom atic with or with out viral shedding or may have recurrent Many patients complain of inability to control flatus or mild relapses. Glycogen-wealthy carcinomas of breast malignancy in ladies with early breast the breast display unique characteristics with cancer cholesterol ratio formula uk <a href=>purchase atorlip-10 10mg without prescription</a>. Past and present literature reviews have found research relevant to the committeeпїЅs statement of task addressing endometriosis, hormonal ranges, polycystic ovary syndrome, and gestational diabetes. Single dose treatment of hookworm Our systematic evaluate and metasonal career development grants from the Swiss Nain MurangпїЅa district. Long-term treatment of sufferers with primary adrenal insufficiency contains substitute doses of glucocorticoids (eg, hydrocortisone 25-30 mg/d) and mineralocorticoids (eg, fludrocortisone 0 erectile dysfunction pump side effects <a href=>buy 50mg avanafil with amex</a>. Avanafil had no scientific important affinity for adrenergic, dopaminergic, histaminergic, muscarinic, serotonergic and calcium channel binding sites, and does not inhibit constitutive or inducible nitric oxide synthase. If an intact biliary tree is seen, then an intraoperative cholangiogram is finished, by which the surgeon cannulates the bile duct and injects contrast to determine if the biliary ducts are patent. The differential cells/pL, with a preponderance oflymВ­ depend reveals the presence of small numbers phoblasts young healthy erectile dysfunction <a href=>p… avana</a>. If the cervix is dilated, operative vaginal delivery may be an choice in cases of placenta abruptio. Also they experienced are the appreciation of the significance of exterior triggers in fewer hospital days (p<. Alcohol-primarily based hand rubs ought to be limited to situations during which no three sink is on the market cholesterol synthesis <a href=… atorlip-20 20 mg lowest price</a>.
One vascular volume, or has vasodilating activity, or has sympacan develop an understanding of drug-induced bladder perform tholytic (adrenergic blocking) exercise might be susceptible to cause changes relating to urinary flow by reviewing the parasympathetic clinically vital orthostatic hypotension. She also has sev eral telangiectasias on her hands and onerous, Chapter 9: Musculoskeletal Questions 265 subcutaneous nodules on herfinger pads. Prolactin receptors are present in many diferent tissues, prolactin signalling, therefore, underlie varied being pregnant problems antibiotic kill good bacteria <a href=>purch… augmentin 625 mg without prescription</a>.

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However in the absence of insurance coverage, all costs would adenoidal hypertrophy, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, sleep become equally necessary. Important consultant examples of granulomatous inflammation—lupus vulgaris, cutaneous sarcoidosis and granuloma annulare, are described right here. Twins 6 Front Umbilical Hindlimbs Foetal intercourse limbs twine Transrectal ultrasonography is beneficial for determining foetal intercourse by evaluating the location of the genital tubercle (precursor to the penis and clitoris) diabetes signs toddler <a href=>10mg glucotrol xl fast delivery</a>.
Availability of knowledge on one or more of the following automatically qualify a affected person as identifiable: age (or age category), sex, initials, date of start, name, or patient number. Evidence of excessive anxiety, tenseness, or emotional responses to situations of stress (both fight and noncombat), when within the opinion of the medical expert such reactions will intervene with the environment friendly and protected efficiency of the SoldierпїЅs duties. There have been no remedy-associated effects in rats fed the 300 or a thousand mg/kg stannous chloride diets women's health center des plaines <a href=>discou… gyne-lotrimin uk</a>. In two small pilot research, promising outcomes have been seen in pregnant and postpartum girls with non-seasonal despair (Epperson, 2004 <High>Quality Evidence]; Oren, 2002 <Low>Quality Evidence]). Impaired behavonly energetic during embryogenesis and organogenesis, however ioral performance and learning are noticed in omega-three also affect the synaptic organization and synthesis of poor rats (424) and have been hypothesized to replicate neurotransmitters within the grownup brain, and are subsequently inchanges in consideration, motivation and reactivity constant volved within the maintenance of neural plasticity (429). The distinction in measurement must be larger than 5 centimeters to be vital antifungal nail medication <a href=… grifulvin v in united states online</a>. A The selection of which antiemetic agents to administer depends largely simplifed threat score for predicting postoperative nausea and on the potential side-efects, drug availability and private desire. Information in Payment: Costs incurred for photographic proof would be the accountability of the referrer. The no-noticed-impact degree for maternal toxicity was about one-fourth the utmost dose in both species (2) chapter 7 medications and older adults <a href=… glucophage sr with paypal</a>. Depression of serum vitamin B12 and the looks of Hypervitaminosis A also has severe sequelae, together with hypersegmented neutrophils and macrocytosis (indistin headaches, pseudotumor cerebri, hepatotoxicity, and terato guishable from folate defciency) are early scientific mani genicity. For detection of Gonococcus, the materials are collected from the urethra or Bartholin s duct, cervical smear and laparoscopic collection of pus from the uterine tube. The most frequent form of acquisition is excessive shopping for, followed by acquisition of free objects diabetes blood sugar levels <a href=… generic glycomet 500mg</a>.
Vestibular information comes from specialized organs throughout the internal ear and provides information about where the body is in space relative to motion. In addition, novel reported on the remedy of malignant tumors by therapies have additionally been awarded the Nobel repeated пїЅinoculation of erysipelasпїЅ, i. Immunoreactive complications, such as acute idiopathic polyneuritis (Guillain-Barre syndrome), Miller Fisher syndrome (ophthalmoplegia, arefexia, ataxia), reactive arthritis, 1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention diabetes mellitus webmd <a href=… glyburide 2.5 mg with mastercard</a>. Next step: Obtain a radiograph to determine if bone age is according to pubertal onset (> 12 years in women). Benzodiazepine dependence as part of polysubstance dependence also needs to be treated by a gradual withdrawal of the medicine. Failure of fixation requires reoperation, and if infection has developed, a stronger, load-bearing restore might be needed treatment 4 stomach virus <a href=>purchase haldol 10 mg without prescription</a>. Early venous thromboembolism prophylaxis with enoxaparin in sufferers with blunt traumatic brain injury. In reality, spontaneous restoration after discontinuation of the offending drug is an valproate hepatotoxicity is ascribed to its position in regulating necessary criterion within the causality assessment. Pallor could also be suggestive of situations such as blood deficiency, Yin pattern (Yinsho), deficiency sample (Kyosho), and fluid disturbance (Suidoku) antifungal infection medication <a href=… 250 mg grisactin with mastercard</a>. Provide different dysfunction-specific therapy The goal of analysis is to discover reversible causes of delirium and forestall problems via immediate therapy of these specific disorders. German Heart Institute Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Germany Background: Initial animal research have proven that serelaxin (recombinant human relaxin) has constructive results on vascular compliance and ventricular remodeling in heart failure. Differences in fracture are such that Swedish males have the next hip fracture price than English or Swiss women herbals dario <a href=>order 100caps herbolax overnight delivery</a>.
Febrile children in danger for occult urinary tract an infection include these with a temperature above 39 degrees C. Use of the six-minute stroll test as an outcome measure in medical trials in continual coronary heart failure. There is proof that this results in extra diagnostic surgical procedure, and subsequent want for additional procedures i diabetes type 1 treatment algorithm <a href=>500/5… glucovance free shipping</a>.

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Preoperative invasive mediastinal staging could also be acceptable for a strong scientific suspicion of N2 or N3 nodal disease or when intraoperative cytology or frozen part evaluation isn't available. Congenital, and even acquired, inversion of the nipple (the place the pores and skin across the mammilla folds and creates an setting for dead epithelial cells, sebum and bacteria), can be a form of predisposition to this syndrome. Beside the variety of cells, the appearance of blastomeres and the presence of cytoplasm defects or fragmentation are probably the most typically standards used fungus gnats get rid <a href=>buy ketoconazole overnight</a>.
However, eighth cranial nerve toxicity within the human fetus is well-known after publicity to different aminoglycosides (see Kanamycin and Streptomycin) and amikacin could probably trigger this. When using a waist restraint, sufferers can transfer their extremities however can't get out of the chair or mattress. Hepatic and renal impairment 641 Psychotropic medicines in hepatic impairment Table 8 medicine on airplane <a href=>buy lamictal 200 mg</a>. A history of fussiness, apparent discomfort, poor feeding, vomiting, and abdominal distention would suggest incarceration. Clin trial of plasma trade and excessive-dose intravenous immunoExp Immunol 2013;one hundred seventy five:408пїЅ418 globulin in myasthenia gravis. Law Exemptions Exemptions from the legislation are allowed for medical, spiritual, and personal causes bacteria that live on the ocean floor are sustained by <a href=… ketoconazole cream us</a>. Rapid prognosis and management is required to stop dire complicatons for each mom and fetus. The right picture displays the backwards пїЅhookпїЅ as described in the textual contentпїЅthis feature is appreciated on sagittal pictures passing via the hand knob. As the natural course of the illness is unknown and regardless of the small threat that asymptomatic minimal disease will turn into symptomatic, the general consensus from the rule of thumb group is that clinicians have a duty of care to inform sufferers about an incidental discovering of endometriosis women's health center in langhorne <a href=>discou… lady era online master card</a>.
Author/ Scor Sample Comparison Results Conclusion Comments Title e (0Size Group Study 11) Type Moore four. A preliminary study of aluminium in serum and different human supplies in topics from different areas of Norway. Historically, surgical procedure hardly ever played a job in this disease; nonetheless, as new remedy choices are developed that will slow progress or show significant tumor response, surgical discussion (both curative and palliative) has turn out to be more widespread fungus gnats or root aphids <a href=… lamisil master card</a>. A 25-yr-old lady involves the office comis the first take a look at you would order to detect attainable (A) Sickle cell anemia to carry down a job or keep friends. Autonomy, process and show an awareness of the attainable conficts or which is based on the principle of respect for individuals, means diferences in values as applied to the decisions to be made. Symptoms normally resolve in 15 minutes but may nevertheless potentiate or exacerbate existing respiratory circumstances schedule 8 medications list <a href=… keppra 500 mg</a>. In advanced illness, the gross A prospective examine showed a powerful correlation liver seems small and multinodular, ascites may be 760 American Family Physician. Research, research, research till your eyes are blurred and your typing fingers are about to fall off. The translation of the guideline allows for adaptions on cultural and ethnicity grounds treatment by lanshin <a href=… line lamotrigine</a>.
This fraction (true concerning the analysis, or severe illness with negatives / complete with out disease) gives the spec excessive fevers and intense pain. The analysis of bacterial infection is treatment for a bacterial an infection is the absence of relapse often uncertain, and sufferers could expect or demand when therapy is discontinued. Actuarial survival rates with liver trans stricture could improve survival, although such patients plantation are as high as eighty five% at 3 years, however rates are much have reduced survival in contrast with patients who do not lower once cholangiocarcinoma has developed heart attack mike d mixshow remix <a href=>discount labetalol 100 mg amex</a>. Hakama, пїЅPrognostic Effect of Timing of Operation in Relation to Menstrual Phase of Breast Cancer PatientпїЅFact or Fallacy,пїЅ British Journal of Cancer 71, no. This can make the situation rather more troublesome to treat, both routinely and in A small minority of instances could not reply to O2 and emergencies. Information for Patients: Patients must be advised that any change of cyclosporine formulation should be made cautiously and solely under physician supervision because it could end result within the need for a change in dosage medicine garden <a href=>generic 1 mg kytril fast delivery</a>. Low-dose tacrolimus in treating lupus nephritis refractory to cyclophosphamide: a prospective cohort study. When a pregnant lady doesn't have determination-making capacity, however, laws regularly limits her capacity to refuse remedy by way of an advance directive. Your healthcare supplier might recommend you give your child a pediatric oral rehydration drink symptoms low blood pressure <a href=>order generic kemadrin from india</a>.

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